Estrogen Dominance Makes a Magnesium Deficiency and Hypothyroid Causing Cold Hand and Cold Feet

Cold Hands and Cold Feet

Exposure to Environmental Estrogens causes your body to lose magnesium. Your body develops a magnesium deficiency. The low magnesium in your body leads to muscles tensing up and not relaxing. The most obvious example of what happens is a "Charlie Horse". The muscle tenses in one of the legs resulting in a painful cramp. You can also get constipation as the muscles surrounding the intestines tense up. Here is one of the more subtle effects. The walls of the arteries in your body are muscular. The muscles around the arteries tense up and the arteries become smaller in diameter. As the arteries become smaller, resistance increases and less blood flows through the arteries. This is what happens in migraine headaches. A magnesium deficiency causes all arteries in the body to tense up and become smaller. This may be labeled as a Reynaud's syndrome. The arteries and arterioles (small arteries) in the head become smaller. This decreased artery and arteriole size of the vessels in the brain is part of the cause of migraine headaches.

Easy Treatment

The solution is easy. Cut out Environmental Estrogens, take natural progesterone cream, and take chealated magnesium supplements. After several months of carefully cutting out Environmental Estrogens, you won't even need the progesterone or magnesium any more.

Magnesium Deficiency = Like Sucking Through a Small Straw

The decreased artery and arteriole size will also affect the vessels in the hands and the feet. The hands and the feet are parts of the body that the woman will really notice a temperature difference. As the arterioles decrease in size, less blood will flow to the hands and feet. The hands and feet will become cold. There is less blood flowing to them because of the decreased diameter of the blood vessels.

Decreased Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormone

In addition, Estrogen Dominance from Environmental Estrogens will decrease your body's sensitivity to thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone levels will be fine. However, your body's sensitivity to it will be low. In other words, even though thyroid hormone levels are normal ( or low normal ), your body's decreased sensitivity to your own thyroid hormone will make it look like you are hypothyroid. Hypothyroid means low thyroid. But in this case, it is NOT your thyroid hormone that is low, it is your sensitivity to thyroid hormone that is low.

Thyroid regulates your general metabolism. Hyperthyroid means "high thyroid". Hypothyroid means "low thyroid". In general, the more thyroid hormone you have the faster you go. Hyperthyroid means high activity, high temperature, burning off calories with low weight, increased appetite, feeling tired at the end of the day, maybe having trouble sleeping at night. More extreme hyperthyroid symptoms will include nervousness, heart palpitations, warm moist skin, and staring gaze. Possible loose stools or diarrhea may go with hyperthyroid.

Hypothyroid or low thyroid is just the opposite. In general, the less thyroid hormone you have, the slower you go. You may feel tired. You feel cold when everyone around you feels warm (cold intolerance). Hypothyroid may mean constipation, decreased sex drive, depression, and hair loss.

The problem with hypothyroid associated with Estrogen Dominance is that the thyroid hormone levels are NOT affected much. It is your body sensitivity to thyroid hormone that is affected. This is what many doctors may not realize. A patient will come into their office complaining of hair loss, decreased sex drive, and fat on the belly and hips that does not go away with exercise and diet. The doctor orders a thyroid hormone test. It comes back normal or low normal. The doctor sends her away scratching his head. The smarter doctor will give her some thyroid hormone even if the blood test is normal. Hopefully, I am even smarter. I realize that the thyroid hormone blood levels are normal, but it is the patient's sensitivity to the thyroid hormone that is decreased.

How Does That Go Again?

Why is the patient's sensitivity to thyroid hormone decreased?

Because the patient has Estrogen Dominance, her thyroid sensitivity is decreased.

Why does she have Estrogen Dominance?

She is Estrogen Dominant because of the cosmetics and laundry detergent that she is putting on her skin. Most of these products have some kind of estrogenic herb or chemical that mimics estrogen. These Environmental Estrogens are causing Estrogen Dominance and causing decreased sensitivity to thyroid hormone.

As a result, of Estrogen Dominance, you get hypothyroidism. The hypothyroidism makes you feel cold.

The Estrogen Dominance also causes a magnesium deficiency. The magnesium deficiency causes muscles to tense up. Arteries and arterioles constrict pinching off blood supply to the hands and feet. Thus, your hands and feet are cold.

In extreme cases, you may actually get a sudden muscular artery spasm, if you put your hands in cold water. You may actually get a color change in your hands. Doctors may label this as Reynaud's Syndrome.

Simple Treatment

At any rate, the solution is simple. Simply cut out Environmental Estrogens, take progesterone cream, and take a chealated Magnesium. To get a comprehensive doable list and progesterone cream go here. If you are really careful about cutting out the chemical estrogens and phytoestrogens, in several months you won't even need the progesterone cream or magnesium supplements.

Go to this website and get progesterone cream and an Environmental Estrogen List.

Bloating and Cramping Gone for the First Time in 10 Years!

I would like to change the shipping to next day. Please add the difference to the same credit card. Thank you!

-Lisa B.

Lisa, Overnight Express is $18.00. You probably don't need it that soon unless there is a threatened loosing baby. I am looking at your medical form. You may have to change your laundry detergent and wait several weeks before starting on the Progestelle anyway. We have had some problems with Ecover. ie One patient could not use our product for two years until she switched from Ecover to Nature Clean. I am attaching the booklet and pink sheet so you may get started on eliminating stuff right away.

-Eckhart, MD

Alright, keep the shipping as normal. The detergent I use is Ecos (not Ecover). Thank you for the information!!!


The reason why the progesterone creams did not help was those creams were formulated incorrectly and/or you did not avoid xenoestrogens. See under failures. If you have a hypersensitivity to smell, impaired Rhomburg, or sensitive to small amounts of drugs (see above web page) then, you have impaired chemical excretion. You have difficulty excreting all drugs including xenoestrogens. The root cause of this is low level anxiety. The answer to this is a seminar at Pleasant Valley Church in Georgia. Email if you want more info. Weight gain and cold temp is due to thyroid receptor desensitivity. See the above website under thyroid. The mood swings and depression is of course due to estrogen dominance. Let's stay off the licorice plus for now. NO Ecos, NO dryer sheets. Use the detergent suggested in the handout. This is a RED-X. Use a simple olive oil bath soap for soap and dish detergent. NO sunscreen for now this is a RED-X. This may be the single cause of your PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME. What do you use to wash dishes? Let me know in a month or two how you are doing. If it is not working let's talk about it. Give me a call.

-Eckhart, MD

Thank you again for getting back to me. Things are finally starting to make sense as to why I have been having so many problems in the past when I try to use the creams. I have been off of the birth control now for a little over a month. I have not had a period and my stomach is bloated like a basketball. Since stopping (the bad) progesterone creams, the cramping is at least gone. I had purchased Dr. Lee's book a while ago. However, on his website he has a recommended list of creams. He lists Emerita creme. I purchased this at a health food store and got immediate severe cramps. I wasn't sure why until I came across your website. I then checked the ingredients and realized they have the methyl and proply parabens. Another one he lists is Arbonne (I had also ordered this and discovered the same thing...they don't list the parabens on the website, but do on the bottle). I am surprised that he has not checked out these items more thoroughly before listing them as recommended creams! I went through my personal care products and even though most were from the health food store, almost all had the parabens (cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo, shaving creme, toner, some makeup). I have thrown those away. I use a dishwashing detergent from Trader Joes (brand). I had a question re: the Ecos laundry detergent. This is what is lists as the Ingredients: Plant Based Surfactants, Soap Bark, Chamomile, Horsetail (plant), Lavender, Rosemary, Cellulose Optical Brightener, Soy Based Fabric Softener, Essential Oils of Magnolias & Lilies, & Water Do you still feel like is could be causing problems?? I also wanted to ask why you suggest I stop using the Licorice Plus??I started taking it through my naturopath's recommendation for my adrenal glands (had been very fatigued all of the time). I've been taking for over a year now. Thank you!!

-Lisa B.

NO ECOS. NONE. NONE. Chamomile and Rosemary is estrogenic. Lavender may have hormone disruption properties. Use Nature Clean Powdered detergent or TSP. NO fabric softener. NONE. We are trying to get you well, and are trying to minimize stuff. Once you get well THEN you can experiment. ECOS contains chamomile this is estrogenic. Rosemary may be estrogenic and perhaps made my mother's fibroid bigger. Lets try coming off of Licorice plus for a couple of months, there are some steroidal components to it.

-Eckhart, MD

Well, Lee MD is brilliant. I got to talk to him on the phone before he passed away last year at age 77. I was able to add to it with my knowledge of environmental medicine. You may need to come off of everything and wait a month. Parabens seem to be associated with menstrual cramping. No parabens, no cramping. But no one is perfect.

-Eckhart, MD

Thanks, I ordered the detergent. I'll keep you posted -

-Lisa B.


HI. I wanted to give you an update on my progress. I eliminated the parabens/xenoestrogens for a month and a half and began to use the progesterone oil as directed (and the laundry detergent). I have had a normal menstrual period for the first time in about 10 years!!?It is the first time I have been able to be off birth control with no side bloating or cramping!!! I am so happy I discovered your website and product. It is people like you who really care and take the time to educate and help those in need. After having been to so many doctors with no avail, I can finally say I feel healthy for the first time in quite a while. Thank you for all the great information you provide to your customers. You are a blessing!

-Lisa B. , Irvine, CA

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