How Avoiding Environmental Estrogens and Taking Progesterone Helps Women

Testimonials of Progesterone Cream and Female Diseases

Baby Girl!

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

You helped me just over a year a nine months ago with my trying to conceive. Our daughter, N., just turned one. My difficulty was not getting pregnant, but keeping the pregnancy. I took Progestelle, and that ensured my pregnancy. Our daughter is very healthy, happy, and bright. My husband and I are trying to conceive again. I was 42 when I conceived N., and now am 43 going on 44.

Thank you kindly,

Helen V., Boulder, CO, Aug 18, 2006

My fibroids are so small that.... the doctor couldn't find them.

Progestelle has really changed the quality of my life and has most certainly prevented me from having serious health problems down the road.

I have always had very painful periods. I experienced heavy bleeding, excruiating cramps before, during and after my period. After I turned 40, I began having other symptoms that my doctor couldn't explain. I know now that it was all attributable to estrogen dominance. My hair began to thin, my thyroid was swollen but my numbers were in a normal range, my cholesterol was significantly elevated. My ObGyn told me I had fibroids and yuckiness in my endometrial wall. I then started finding lumps in my breasts which were cysts in my breast.

After educating myself about what it meant to be estrogen dominant, I began using Progestelle to balance my hormones. I had only used it a month when I noticed my hair began to grow back. The first period after using the product, I was amazed that I didn't have to take Aleve for cramping. Actually, it has been a year now and I no longer have to take pain killers to get through the month. My fibroids are so small that, at my last obgyn appt., the doctor couldn't find them. My thyroid is no longer swollen and, at a recent check-up, my cholesterol is at a normal level. I no longer have breast tenderness and the lumps are gone or so small I can't feel them anymore. The added bonus is that my libido is back and my husband is happy about that too! Thanks for a wonderful and natural product, Dr. Eckert. Thank you for working to correct the problem instead of trying to treat the symptoms. I am very thankful.


Andrea R. , Carson City, Nevada Nov. 9, 2006

Endometriosis - The Progestelle has been a life saver for me.

I have endometriosis and have been using Progestelle since March.

The pain has greatly improved since I started using the Progestelle in March. Before I began using it I missed work 3 - 4 days a month because of pain and I ended up in the ER because I had lost nearly half of my blood. Now, my periods are normal and I'm no longer missing work because of pain. I still have some bad days (although I don't even remember when my last one was) but they are few and far between. And, on a bad day the pain isn't bad enough to make me throw up anymore and I can usually take just Aleve and that is enough to make the pain stop.

The Progestelle has been a life saver for me. I used to be afraid to go anywhere or do anything because I was afraid the pain would start (it came on very fast, very bad, and at any time of the month) and I'd end up leaving or throwing up. Fear was taking over my life. Now I do stuff. My husband and I can go on vacation or dinner or out with friends and I don't have to worry anymore. It has quite literally given me my quality of life back.

Thank you,

Cheri T. , Marshfield, Wisconsin, Nov. 6 2006

Ovarian cyst Went Missing!

Hi Dr.Eckhart,

I want to thank you your website has once again saved another person's life !!!

My doctor told me to come back and see her after 3 months and if my ovarian cyst at 7 cm is still there, I would need a surgery. I returned in 2 months time to make sure I was ok.

When I found out I have ovarian cyst few months back, I searched the internet for answers and keep coming back to your website and bought your items. But I didn't use them.

However, I did follow your instructions.

NO coffee.
Take vitamins E 600 iu before you sleep, magnesium, vitamin B6, etc.

and most of all, can you inform the world. DRINK lots of WATER. especially during our menstrual cycle.

I never drink a lot but my mother in law told me to drink LOTS of water and I did....

When I went to have a check up recently, the doctor could NOT find my cyst. It went missing !!!

Thanks to your natural healing to ovarian cyst...and inform the world your natural methods actually works ! I still have your bottle of Progestelle - unused....its a good souvenir for me.....

Best Wishes and THANK YOU !!!

Jovee T., Hong Kong, Oct. 10, 2006

Uterine Fibroid Gone

A 68 year old elderly postmenopausal lady came in to see her Ob/Gyn. The Ob/Gyn found a Uterine Fibroid the size of baseball on ultrasound. The surgeon recommended a hysterectomy. The elderly lady read Dr. Lee's book and decided to stop taking her estrogen supplements and go on progesterone skin cream. Two months later a follow up ultrasound showed that the uterus had shrunk and the uterine fibroid had disappeared. The operation had become unnecessary.

Cysts in my breast Gone!

I'm a 33 yr old Hispanic female who 5 yrs ago had surgery removing 2 cysts in my breast that were causing me a lot of pain. My OB/GYN suggested I go this particular surgeon she recommended. The surgeon's recommendation was surgery to remove the cysts in my breast. I now have a scar around my nipple that is a continuous reminder of the biggest mistake I have ever made due to lack of information and relying on physician's opinion. NEVER DID THEY MENTION THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY YOU.

Several months ago, another fibrocyst formed in the same breast I had surgery on. I must have cried for a week and was depressed knowing I would have to have surgery again because this cyst was bigger & more painful. I kept ignoring it until I said to myself, "there's got to be another way to get rid of this". So, I researched the Internet and read and read. I'm so thankful to have found everything I needed to know about cysts in my breast on your web site as well as the remedy for getting rid of cysts.

I have only used 1 bottle of progesterone oil & I am so happy to say that my fibrocyst is GONE. COMPLETLY GONE!! I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR RESEARCH AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR AVOIDING EXTREME ESTROGEN USE.

[email protected] has graciously offered to talk to anyone about progesterone and cysts in my breast breasts.

My Cysts in my breast Have Improved

Also, I want to say that since I started Progestelle ® in June (it is now Nov. 2001), the cysts in my breast in my breasts have improved. Sometimes they flare up if I eat too much chocolate/caffeine/estrogenic herbs, etc., but they are slowly shrinking.  I also feel that my disthymia/irritability have improved.  I  haven't lost any weight yet <sigh> but my MD says that's usually the last  thing to correct.  Your web site has been so valuable to me.  I've also stopped using all lotions/cosmetics containing paraben, boy has *that* been challenging, but well worth it, as I had ovarian cancer in 1988 and want to improve my chances against breast cancer as much as possible.

Thank you for being part of my solution.


I wanted to provide you with the results of my first month usage. All I can really say is that I am truly amazed that I have found a product that delivers what it claims. I have been afflicted with MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS for years and after a month of modified diet and product changes I feel I am on the road to recovery and a more quality life. If it gets better through continued usage I can only tell you I have never felt better in my menstrual life as I do now. Thank you for your research and product. I have passed my success to my family and friends who also may suffer from the many side effects of hormone imbalance and hopefully have offered them a drink of water.

Normal Again!

I've started with the natural progesterone cream and love it! My depression is gone and in the past two weeks I've lost eight pounds. My carbohydrate and sweet cravings are gone. I have more energy. I have to mark my periods on the calendar for I don't get any monthly bloating and mood swings symptoms. My question is why in the hell didn't I hear about this sooner? Are doctors really that ignorant that women have to go out and do their own research. I'm forty-two years old and wished I could have taken this at thirty. The only thing my body takes in is natural progesterone cream. No more drugs! Yeah! I have both books from Dr. Lee, but wish my message could be broadcasted to all the women out there who rely on their doctors. But then pharmaceuticals would be out of business for sure. My body has already paid a high price over the years due to being used as a guinea pig for doctors' ignorance and stupidity. Thank God for Dr. Lee and Dr. Northup. I'm back to normal.


For three months now, I have been on the Natural Progesterone skin cream therapy and have been using paraben-free shampoo, conditioner, and make-up. The results have been nothing short of amazing! No more MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS!

I have gone from what used to be a week or more of suffering every month to a virtually symptom-free premenstrual cycle. In addition, although my periods still run long (typically 8 or 9 days), my cycles have normalized from 25 days (prior to adopting your Natural Progesterone therapy) to a normal 28 to 29 day cycle.

Natural Progesterone therapy is a miracle! Thank you for giving me my life back!! :)

Ovarian cyst Gone! Hysterectomy Avoided!

3 years ago I decided to have an ultra sound to determine why I suffered such debilitating menstrual cramps, my gyn only found a very small ovarian cyst and sent me on my way with some advil. 3 years later I started having chronic urinary type infections and on the 3rd visit was told I had a huge fibroid or cyst. I immediately had another ultra sound and found the cyst had grown to 7.5 centimeters. My gyn than wanted to do immediate surgery and explained that if they can't drain it that most likely I would need a hysterectomy. When I asked why and how cysts occur, his only answer was that it is complicated. So I went home got on the Internet reviewed hundreds of web sites and found no reasonable explanation for cyst formation until coming upon the women's therapeutic institute. I ordered the progesterone right away and fortunately Dr. Lee was going to be speaking in my city. After hearing Dr. lee lecture I began to get a grip on what was happening to me. At this point I was in chronic pain from the cyst pressing against my bladder, and had developed chronic odor in my urine for 6 months that even the antibiotics could not cure. Waiting to start the progesterone I began to make the recommended changes i.e. switching to organic food changing soaps, make up, etc., after using the progesterone for just 3 days the odor and pain started to diminish. I have now been on the program for 5 months and have no symptoms everyone tells me I look a 100% better I sleep better and feel fantastic, and the best bonus of all I NO MORE MENSTRUAL CRAMP. This is what the medical profession is supposed to do, help make you well, not put you on a table and sacrifice your womanhood. My husbands niece was recently diagnosed with the same condition I had and went forward with the surgery which resulted in a hysterectomy, now she feels hysterical and depressed and I think that could have been me. perhaps surgery is necessary in some cases, but it is well worth your time to take responsibility for your health and at the very least try to make your self well before you make that decision.

Menstrual Cycle Normalized! No more cramping!

I'm not sure if you remember having talked to me, so I'll try to refresh your memory: I was the one who had sent you my medical form, stating how I had been in a traumatic bicycle accident 11 years ago at age 23, having been literally run over by a truck. And, I spoke to you on the phone.
You had told me to inform you about how Progestelle ® is working for me, after a few months of taking it. Here goes:

My sleep improved the first night of using it. Plus, my debilitating cramping has reduced more and more each month. I just began menstruating today, and so far, no cramps at all. My cycle has lengthened, also. Usually it is every 21 days. This month I started on the 26th day -- amazing!

I'm no longer taking Armour thyroid. I weaned myself off of it quick, because I had only been on it 2 months. I'll let you know if my thyroid level is in the normal range as soon as I find out my blood test result. My doctor's office is supposed to call me in less than an hour to tell me.

I used to get cysts in my breast a week before starting. Now, I don't.

Editor's Note: FSH and Free T3 were normal.

Vanessa I.

Endometriosis Improved - Operation Avoided!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in the summer of 2001 during laproscopy surgery. I have always had problems with my periods, especially the pain involved. I was given two choices of further treatment by the surgeon which was a hysterectomy or drugs. I was not willing to do either of these, so I never went back for my follow-up appointment. I then was on my own to search for an alternative to drugs and surgery. I read a lot and searched the internet. The information that was most beneficial to me was found on the internet at the website Before that I knew there was a missing link that I had just not discovered yet. I followed all of the advice on the website including throwing away all of my personal care products and using only those with no parabens (chemical estrogens) in them. This made a tremendous difference in my bout with the severe pain of endometriosis. Since I began to follow the guidelines presented, the severe pelvic pain that I had been experiencing off and on was completely gone and hasn't returned. I also use the progesterone product that can be purchased on the website. I was also diagnosed with low progesterone and high estrogen through a saliva test. It's amazing how many progesterone products contain parabens. This one does not. Using progesterone is very important in the healing process of this . I am now onto the next phase of getting my thyroid in balance as this problem usually goes hand in hand with endometriosis. I am very thankful to have found this website. I also appreciate the help that Dr. Eckhart has given me over the phone and through e-mails as well. I only wish more women knew about this information so that they could make an informed choice regarding treatment for endometriosis.

Deb H.

Miscarriage Avoided - Healthy Baby Born!

I am 43 years old now.  At 41 years of age I began to experience some symptoms of MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS that were worse than I had ever had before.  Mood swings and anxiety at times were very hard to deal with.  I was also feeling far angrier than the offense would warrant.  This was causing a great deal of difficulty in the parenting of my 5 children.  As time went on I was having irregular periods as well and then I suffered the loss of two babies due to first trimester loosing babys.  I read the book,"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause" and decided to ask my pc doctor to evaluate my hormones in the hopes that she would be able to help with the imbalance.  She asked me several questions about my emotional symptoms and diagnosed me with depression.  She prescribed an anti-depressant.  I had a feeling that she would be approaching my condition this way so I had a copy of the book with me, along with some of the web pages I had downloaded from your site.  When I told her that I believed the problem was hormonal she excused me saying,"It looks like we're finished here.  I can see that I'm not convincing you...but when you decide that you want this prescription it will be waiting for you at the front desk."  A few days later she called me to let me know that my test results indicated that I had a thyroid condition which was causing my hormonal problems.  I was low in progesterone as well as estrogen and I decided to begin the natural progesterone oil.  I shopped all over the internet for a type of NP which would not contain the additives that were undesirable and found this one as the only one based in oil.  I was also placed on Synthroid for my thyroid condition and I can't tell you which one if not both of these helped "even me out" but I can tell you that a couple weeks later I was pregnant!  Had I followed my doctor's advice I probably would've caused my baby to suffer with birth defects. I was concerned that I would miscarry again but through much prayer and continuing on the natural progesterone through my first trimester things went very well!  I want to say that Dr. Eckart was very responsible in my care even though I have never met the man face-to-face.  He quickly responded to my many questions and once even called me on the phone to make sure I knew that I needed to taper off the NP as I progressed to the second trimester of the pregnancy.  I gave birth to a ten and a half pound baby boy named Uriah in February and we are all doing wonderfully.  I thank God for leading me to your website and have referred other women to your company already.  They are pleased with the results also.  I know that there will be many more because it seems that often I find that the women I meet are struggling with hormonal changes and have never heard that there is a natural way to solve this problem.  So many of them believe that antidepressants are the only answer!  Thanks again for providing a better way. 

Sincerely, Sarah N. (mother of six)

Editors note: Estrogen dominance can cause a hypothyroid clinical picture with a normal T3 level. Women are tired and have a body temp. of approximately 97F, and gain fat on the belly and hips. Hair may thin. Avoiding xenoestrogens and taking Natural Progesterone will reverse this. A repeat first trimester miscarriage is almost always a Natural Progesterone deficiency. See for more details.

Uterine Fibroids getting smaller - Operation Avoided Again!

I'm writing to let you know about my results from the IVP test and the ultrasound done last week. The IVP was normal (I expected that), and the ultrasound showed the fibroids to be smaller and my uterus reduced in size by 2 centimeters. I was overjoyed. I've only been doing the Progestelle for 3? months. Also, I was three pounds lighter than the visit on 10/7 (yearly well woman and PAP test).

I'm feeling a lot better. I feel more restful and less stressed than I had * I know the vitamins and supplements, as well as exercise has a lot to do with that. I've lost a total of 10 pounds so far. That in itself helps me feel better.

You have my permission to publish. Is it the same website I went to when I found your information about Progestelle? If so, I read all the testimonials of others there, which is one of the reasons I decided to use try it. If what I've experienced can help someone, I'm glad to do it. I'm already telling everyone I come in contact with. (Even a stranger at the grocery store!! I don't even remember how we got started in the conversation to the point of me telling her about your website and Progestelle. I also told her to get the book by Dr. Lee.)

Phyllis T.

Editors Note: After adding 200 mg/day of Indole-3-Carbinol and 1000 mg/day of Bioflavinoids to the regime of avoiding xenoestrogens and taking Progestelle, our success rate with uterine fibroids may be better than 85%. Uterine fibroids also seem to be linked with low level anxiety and stress that impairs the body's ability to excrete xenoestrogens.

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