How is Progesterone Made and How Do Migraine Patients Use It

Where Does Progesterone Come From and What Is It?

How is Natural Progesterone Made?

Natural Progesterone or Bioidentical Progesterone is made in the laboratory from starting material yams or soy. The question is how do you make it cheaply and plentifully. Before the 1940's, progesterone had to be isolated painstakingly from placentas or otherwise. There was no progesterone to be had at any price. Progesterone was only present in miniscule amounts in nature. The key was to synthesize it from cheap ingredients with the minimum number of steps.

Mexican yams and soy have a diosgenin. This is a starting naturally occuring chemical in yams and soy. However, now the trick is to change this diosgenin to progesterone. No animal or human has an enzyme to convert the diosgenin to progesterone. Instead, you have to come up with a series of chemical steps to change the diosgenin to progesterone. Julian Percy, PhD an outstanding chemist was one of the pioneers in being able to synthesize progesterone from plant material cheaply. He personally was interested in getting progesterone for his wife. His wife had 2 miscarriages, and he knew that if he could get a supply of progesterone, his wife could have avoided those miscarriages. This is what motivated his work.

I am grateful for the work of all these gifted chemists that make progesterone easily and cheaply available. My migraine patients are very grateful as well.

Patients with migraine headaches start with a progesterone dose several days before they know they are going to get the migraine. They slowly increase the dose. You can start with 20 mg/day and work you way up to 60 mg/day. On the day of the migraine, you could use several 100 mg/day if necessary. During a normal cycle, a woman produces 20-40 mg/day of progesterone. Remember a pregnant woman during one day of pregnancy produces 400 mg/day of progesterone. So the therapeutic range of progesterone is quite large. You can take a topical natural progesterone cream and rub it on the body. Be careful to rotate areas. One day put it on the right arm. One day put it on the chest. One day rub it on to the left leg. If you keep doing right arm, right arm, right arm, the subcutaneous fat saturates and the patient cannot absorb any more progesterone. As the day for the headache approaches keep increasing the dose slowly. On the day of the headache, you can rub the progesterone on the temples. If you have a progesterone in oil, you can put it under the tongue.

Be careful most of the progesterone creams have some kind of herb or chemical that is estrogenic. Parabens, phenoxyethanol are two notorious preservatives that mimic estrogen. Also many of the progesterone creams have estrogenic herbs or herbs that block progesterone. For instance, rosemary is extremely estrogenic and has made some of my patient's fibroids bigger. Aloe is used in folk medicine to create miscarriages in the first trimester. "Pro" means for. "Gesterone" means gestation. Your body needs sufficient amounts of progesterone to maintain the pregnancy. If you don't have enough progesterone or the progesterone is blocked by a chemical or herb, then you will have a miscarriage. Since aloe is used to create a miscarriage in folk medicine, it must be a progesterone blocker. Why anyone would want to put aloe into a progesterone cream is beyond me. Go here to get a pure topical progesterone without estrogenic herbs and preservatives, or progesterone blocking herbs.

What a Huge Relief!

Of course you may publish it. I am so thankful that I need not go through any invasive procedure and hope women with similar problems would benefit from the right product which is unavailable in my country.

My situation:

(1) Bad MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS for many years --both pre and post mens migraine headache as well as lower abdomen cramp during mens.

(2) Previous scan report said "Monthly abdomen endometrium appears slightly nodular which may be due to monthly abdomen endometrial hyperplasia or underlying polyps. The thickness of 11mm is still within normal limits. No uterine or adnexal mass present. A corpus luteum is noted within the right ovary." The scan was done in May and I started progestelle in late June till now. The latest scan on 29 August showed EVERYTHING HAS BECOME NORMAL. My slightly bulging stomach has gone down again and I don't feel bloated anymore.

(3) I totally kicked caffeine and switched to conti olive oil soap as well as beauty products without paraben since June as advised.

(4) Also took vitamins B, calcium + E as recommended in the booklet.

I would certainly continue to use Progestelle at a maintenance dose for many, many more months. Thanks for the advice. Noted about pregnancy but no big issue with that as I am still single.

Look forward to getting progestelle with thanks!

I just had my scan result and what a huge relief-----that my monthly abdomen endometrium has gone from 11mm to 4mm!!!!! And the scan shows no other abnormality!!!!! Its truly amazing that I have used progestelle only for 3 months and the problem has cleared up. Indeed, it was a good decision I did not rush into committing to any invasive procedures!!!!

A BIG thank you to you, Dr Eckhart!!!

I am applying progestelle full dose in the 4th month now. Do you advise I could continue it with a maintenance dose the 5th month on? I must say the olive oil base is great, it absolutely did not give me any itch. Progestelle is running very low, would very much appreciate if you could mail the remaining balance to me.

As for my gal friend who is using the double strength I passed it on to her, she is applying only the maintenance dose because beside MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS, she does not have any problem with her reproductive system, is it ok? Please advise too.

Meiling L., Singapore Sept. 6, 2006

I went for another follow-up scan a few days ago since the last one in September. Like that of September, the scan shows NO abnormality and my endometrium is 3mm thick which is excellent!!! I attribute it to the continual use of progestelle.

I would like to place order for myself as well as two of my gal friends. As two of them are ordering through me, is it still possible to still enjoy the 1 bottle free for each of them?

These two gal friends of mine only suffer from MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS. Can they go on just maintenance dose of 1 bottle of olive/grapeseed or 1/2 bottle of double strength every month?

Hear from you soon.

Meiling L.,
Singapore Dec. 20, 2006

As I have a clean bill for the past 3 years consecutively, my gynecologist discharged me therefore I have no result to share with you. I am positive I am doing well. I still diligently apply progestelle from day 6-26 every month and am down to the last bottle. Hence, I am placing a fresh order.

Thank you once again for the wonderful product.

Meiling L., Singapore Mar. 16, 2009

Natural Bioidentical Progesterone Economically Commercially Made

Go to Nova from the Public Broadcasting Network to see a video on the life of Julian Percy, PhD and his struggle to bring progesterone to the mass market for everyone cheaply and in quantity. Start at time 52:00.

The state of the art synthesis chart for bioidentical progesterone is as follows:

Even during Julian Percy's time, since there were so many competitors making progesterone, the price of raw progesterone began to erode. It is sort of like the price of sugar. Lots of sugar gives you cheap prices. Soon he was forced to sell his company to Syntex eventually because of price erosion.

Eating soy or yams directly or putting yam or soy cream on the skin directly does nothing to increase your body's progesterone. This is because humans cannot convert the soy or yams to progesterone. They do not have the enzymes to do so. So a skin cream that has yams or soy does not affect your progesterone levels. The diosgenin found in the yams and soy does have some effect. Patients describe yam cream as giving them more energy.

Eventually, the pharmaceutical companies figured out that if they could change the molecule slightly and patent it they could be the sole producers of the drug. This means a monopoly and higher prices. The only problem is that these patented molecules fit into the progesterone receptor and have unintended effects. The Physicians Desk Reference lists birth defects and cancer as some of the effects of artificial progestins.

In contrast, natural progesterone is routinely used by fertility medical doctors to prevent miscarriage. These are the test tube fertility medical doctors that do in vitro fertilization. They give natural progesterone throughout the entire pregnancy. Obviously, progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy. Your body normally makes 20-40 mg/day of progesterone. However, during one day of third trimester pregnancy your body makes 400 mg/day. "Pro" means "for." "Gesterone" means gestation. So Progesterone means "for pregnancy".

If you do not have enough progesterone during pregnancy, then you will have a miscarriage. So fertility medical doctors purposely give natural progesterone to their patients to keep the pregnancy. They know natural progesterone does not cause birth defects.

Natural progesterone does NOT cause birth defects. Chemically modified progestins cause birth defects.

You choose.

READ MORE about bioidentical progesterone here at

What is Natural Progesterone or Bioidentical Progesterone?

Natural Progesterone is the same as Bioidentical Progesterone. It is the exactly the same progesterone that your own body makes. There is an exact chemical formula for Natural Progesterone. Pharmaceutical companies cannot make money off of a drug that is not patented. Why? It is the same reason that Windows is expensive and Linux is FREE.

Anything generic that anyone can make has many competitors and the price goes down. To have a profitable business, you must make sure no one else can make the same drug. So what you do is subtly change the progesterone molecule declare it "new and novel" and then patent it so no one else can use it. Then you have a monopoly on that one modified progesterone (now called a progestin). The problem is that the patented progestin does not fit into the progesterone receptor quite right and can cause problems. What kind of problems can a progestin cause? The Physician's Desk Reference names cancer and birth defects for a start. Yes, progestins cause birth defects. But bioidentical progesterone does not cause birth defects.

But progestins make money. Bioidentical progesterone does not make money. Bioidentical progesterone has 70 or more competitors driving down price. Progestins are patented initially (17 years) and you can charge much more. Lots of money means high paid salesmen and free dinners for physicians. Lots of money means clinical trials costing hundreds of millions of dollars. Lots of money means TV advertisements. Progestins make lots of money.

Natural Progesterone makes little money. Little money means no salesmen. Little money means no clinical trials. Little money means no TV advertisements. There is not much money. Physicians certainly don't like it because with natural progesterone some of those expensive operations become unnecessary. What is there to like about natural progesterone from a business point of view? Nothing. Except women like getting well.

Here is the molecular formula for Natural Progesterone or Bioidentical Progesterone vs Artificial Progestins.

Natural Bioidentical Progesterone is the same molecule your body makes. Bioidentical Progesterone does NOT cause birth defects. Prescription Brand Name Progestins cause birth defects according to a recent 2003 copy of the Physician's Desk Reference.

But you say, it is only a small change! I can't even tell. How about testosterone and estradiol. One codes for a man. One codes for a woman. But a small change indeed.

Testosterone is the chemical messenger that tells the body to become male. Estradiol tells the body to become female.

Learn more about Bioidentical Progesterone at this website.

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